Track Your Player To Better Serve Them

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Tracking is the word synonymous with the collection, categorisation, classification and analysis of data to know the customer better. This is the context where tracking is most used in the internet age of business. All major businesses engage in tracking their customers. They track them in the spaces of purchase history, articles of interest, payment modes, cart and wishlist, login times and in site period. These are the tracking categories of a similar eCommerce company. Every company has its own way of tracking customers.

How does a gaming company track its customers?

There is no site for player tracking in video games. Among the most types of companies, a gaming company’s relationships with its customers are the most important. Gaming company sells experience to its customers rather than a product. Products are short-lived while experiences are remembered for a long time in the hearts of consumers. Gaming companies realise this responsibility more than anyone else. That’s why they employ in house departments to work on tracking.

  • Their trackers follow the choice of games a player play
  • Subscription plan which sells the most
  • Countries from where the largest traffic comes from
  • Playtime spent per player on-site compared to their competitors
  • Type of advertisements which the customer showed interest
  • Data security and privacy settingsfps tracker

The rising business of customer tracking

One might wonder how this tracking is performed and where these huge data come from. It is from the web browsers and websites one uses, every program or site one visit will ask for the permissions to send usage data analytics. It is the question asking indirectly for your permission to track yourself. These usage data are given to any site for player tracking in video games. These data after received are analysed through various software languages and computing platforms to gain better insights.

New methods of tracking on the rise

Game analytics is the new framework given for gaming site data collection and analytics. They use the insights to improve real-time performance of the games, find and fix issues which are very critical to gaming experience, updating the game in the background with affecting the gameplay. Furthermore, they try to employ integration options like social media live streaming, logging in with third party authentication. Thus the methods are continually on finding and the improvements it can bring are multiple and on varied fronts.