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Advertisements have always been around us, be it anywhere. Previously advertisements on television were quite popular even now they are. Ads in magazines or radio, etc. Ads were always a part of us. With the changing time, advertisements have taken a new shape with news over our gadgets as newspapers have now become apps for our daily bites be it weather, lifestyle and much more, as it is more effective and easy to access than the old school things.Talking about San Fernando Valley, which is an urbanized valley of Los Angeles County, located in California. Little did we know is that nearly two-third of this valley’s area is a part of Los Angeles city.


As we all know we are in an era where everything is instant, so now media coverage also broadcasts us the weather forecast across San Fernando Valley and also includes Burbank and North Hollywood to Van Nuys, Pacoima, Calabasas and Woodland Hills. One of the most known is with other news also covers the weather san fernando valley as it is a home to almost two million people

with many communities, along with the weather it also gives a glimpse on LA’s best restaurants, shopping allies, events, parks and schools of San Fernando valley. provides information that not only covers the weathersan fernando valley but also reflects on the San Fernando Valley’s cultural diversity and its treasure. It brings forward all the ethnic restaurants to local art and architecture. It also takes a pride each day in providing the news and information that matters most to the people and businesses in the San Fernando Valley.

Good and powerful advertisement has power to make people leave all their work and notice its importance.There are many of us who are still living under the rock and are still not noticing the changes that are trending around us and are making a huge difference.Advertisement can change lives significantly through social media and digital media that gives us a gist of information and it also gives us a freedom to choose what we want to see and forcefully listen or watch what does not interest us.