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If you’re a musician, and you wish to really become somebody of your own with your music, you must also know about the number of people who share both your dream and your talent. There is a person born every day with a talent and an eye for music, but how many of them actually rise up from the masses? It is a jungle out there, but there is definitely a way you can do it on your own and actually be the star you know is inside you.


SPOTIFY:  Spotify is a music app that has a collection of over an million songs that you can listen to with either a free or a paid subscription of the app. Spotify also has a number of songs made by new or budding artists from all over the world. It allows new singers to showcase their talents through this social platform and also offer them a decent amount of money for their creative talent.


You can become a musician on Spotify by uploading your songs in the app. With every new person that listens to your music, your number of plays increase. With more number of plays, your songs get featured more and get you more followers and more revenue. But the most important thing that it gives you, is prominence in the field of music. As more people listen to your song, your popularity increases, which acts as a tremendous benefit for any new artist, much more than the initial money they earn. As they slowly create a fanbase, things really start to roll for the artist giving him/her the popularity he deserves.

HOW DO FOLLOWERS HELP IN GAINING PLAYS? The more followers you have, the number of plays you get. If you upload a new song, your followers will be able to see it, and if it attracts them, they will add your song to their playlist, thus getting you more plays.

HOW CAN I BOOST  FOLLOWER COUNT? If you wish to increase your follower count on Spotify within a short period of time, you can buy Spotify followers. To buy Spotify followers, you can visit a site by the name Songlifty, that’ll allow you to gain more followers within a span of two to three days with prices starting from $45. For more information, you can visit their website.


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