What really are Bongs with a Percolator

What really are Bongs with a Percolator
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Percolator, which are sometimes called as water pipes, are a type of glass bongs that aims in making the smoking process easier. They are often referred to as perc. They deliver smoother and cooler hits. It is specially manufactured in a way to diffuse the hot smoke through water inside the chamber. What exactly is a Bong with Percolator?

A percolator or perc is a small contraption which is located at the base of a bong. It creates a filter through which it enables water to pass through. As one inhales from a percolator, the smoke gets diffused with the bubbles, leading to the creation of a classic bong rip sound. The bubbles provide a pathway for the smoke to travel inside by expanding the surface area and provides time for cooling down while impurities are getting filtered. This results in less coughing and more bong rips. It is the best choice for people who find bong to be harsh on their throats and is cost efficient in the long run.

Types of percolators in the market

  • Tree- A tree percolator resembles the limb of a tree. It consists of multiple rods interconnected at the top. Air follows a pathway from the central tube through the rods and at last finally settles at the bottom, making the bubbles diffuse inside the bong. It offers maximus filtration and is a little delicate if we compare it with the rest.
  • Inline- It consist of numerous slits on a horizontal tube. The rate of percolation within the bong increases with the number of slits and is located at the base of the bong.
  • Showerhead- It is a very popular choice of percolator and is designed like a showerhead. It is a vertical tube with holes or slits at its bottom.
  • Honeycomb- It consists of a flat disc punctured with multiple holes, that is why the name honeycomb. They are found in straight tube bongs.
  • Fritted disc- Fritted disc is manufactured using coarse particles of glass attached together, producing hundreds of thousands of small holes. They come in various shapes like ball, disc etc.
  • Turbine- It is paired up with honeycomb percolators and consists of slabs of glass with slitted edges.

Using percolators can be complex for many first-time users. But it is meant for easing out the process of using bong. It aims in making smoking easier. At present, the types of percolators available in the market are-tree, inline, showerhead, honeycomb, fritted disk and turbine. One should not be scared of the concept of using percolator and make the right choice.