Perfect Choice For The Perfect Tan, Melanin Injections!

Perfect Choice For The Perfect Tan
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It was in the 1920s when tanning was made a fashion trend, by the fashion pioneer coco channel. Everybody loved her tanned photographs which were the result of her sunbath for a long time on the cruise and by 1960s tanning gained a status symbol the same as the white milky skin had. Later it was in Fashion in the 2000s too. But soon the side-effects of artificial tanning was also known by many people throughout the world.

  • Why do we tan?

A tan is the natural attempt of the body to save its sensitive skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Melanin is the chemical that is responsible for skin the more you are exposed to sun, the more is the melanin in the skin, the darker it gets.

Artificial tanning is also done by people. People get tanned because of lifestyle and a healthy glow. It symbolically represents you being an outdoor person with a healthy glow. Hence this is the reason why people love being tan and find it a trendy and fashionable thing to do. There are various ways to do so like using UV exposure machines, injecting melanin injections, etc.

  • What are melanin injections?

advantages of melanotan

Melanotan, as the name suggests, is synthetic hormone to catalyze the process of is injected under the skin, to stimulate the body cells to produce more amount of melanin, to get a nice darker and tanned shade of skin.

There are two types of melanin injections, melanin 1 and 2, which are diluted with water before injecting.

Melanotan 2 simply starts performing the function of the natural melanocortin peptides, which are involved in the pigmentation of the skin, the immune system, the body’s response to any kind of helps to increase the body’s reaction against the UV rays. Therefore Melanotan 2 is the perfect solution to get tan faster and save your body from any tan damage due to excessive UV exposure.

  • Advantages of Melanotan 2
  1. It take less time to tan so, minimizes the UV exposure, therefore, and saves you from UV damages.
  2. It helps increasing the melanin amount so helps in protection from the harmful sun rays
  3. It lasts long, so you need to undergo the procedure, multiple times.

Despite all the misconceptions among people, Melanotan is not at all a solution or preventive measure against any skin problem, especially skin cancer. And therefore it does have the above advantages yet should not be treated as a UV shield.