Live a thriving life with depression counseling

depression counselling singapore
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What happens when you feel low? Do you move on with it or does the ‘feel low’ negatively effects your daily life activities? Is the ‘feel low’ making you feel like you have met the dead end and there is no other way out? Do you fear labeling  the feeling as depression? Let us break the chain and talk about depression counselling singapore.

When should you seek professional help

There is a stark difference between feeling low and suffering from depression. The thumb rule to recognize whether you are experiencing depression or not is,

  • If your depressed mood continues for more than 2 weeks,
  • It is obstructing you in your ability to function in daily life,
  • Hampering your relationships with family and friends, and/or
  • Extreme thoughts like committing suicide are occurring to you.

How depression counseling can help

Depression can be successfully treated with competent care. Several approaches like Psychotherapy help people to identify the factors that are affecting their mental health. It makes them learn the ability to deal with the behavioral, psychological and other situational causes that might be responsible for the mental illness of the concerned patient.

A trained therapist helps the patient to realize realistic goals and move forward with the future to enhance emotional well-being. Self-control is the key for anxiety and depression management and that is what the therapy sessions primarily promote. A competent therapist will help the patient to gain a more positive approach to life and live a holistic life.