Know what happens during knee reconstruction?

acl reconstruction surgery singapore
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Knee reconstruction, also known as anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL), is a method of restoring good knee condition. ACL is one of the main components for the normal functioning of the knees, especially when performing physical activities such as running and sprain. However, this ligament is not so strong, as it is very vulnerable to damage. When your ACL is damaged, you will experience pain and swelling in the affected area. Your doctor may also prohibit you from exercising and exercising for a certain period of time.

Knee reconstruction includes ACL replacement

Doctors remove the damaged one and replace it with a new one. They get new tendon ligaments that can be found in the hamstrings. This is also the reason why the procedure is sometimes called vaccination. There are two grafts that can be used. The first is an autograft.

You must be hospitalized for at least one day before surgery. It is important to prepare your body for acl reconstruction surgery singapore. Doctors should carefully examine the condition of their knee before they can begin surgical procedures.

After the operation, doctors will have to anesthetize the knees with painkillers and ice. Ice can help you heal faster, and also prevent well cases. Doctors can also use the knee splint to avoid unnecessary movements that can lead to further damage to tissues and ligaments.

Physiotherapy is also very important for a complete recovery. The program can be intense and can include a lot of pain and difficulty. However, it is important to help your knees recover quickly. He will not be able to move so much for a couple of weeks or until he regains his strength. Therefore, it is very important that you radiate patience during the process.