How to care for your kitchen shears?

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If you are choosing good quality kitchen shears then they will serve as the best scissors for cutting meat. But then they should be maintained well. Some days they can even replace your garden shears too. Whether you want to snip vegetables, slice bacon strips or cut the gift wrap, these scissors would help.

Kitchen knife or shears, which one to choose?

If you are cutting meat from the bone using a kitchen knife then it might make the blade blunt. There are high chances that you might injure your fingers too. So for safety best scissors for cutting meat are preferred.

Types of kitchen scissors:

They come in two main types:

  • Multipurpose shears that are straight-bladed.
  • Curved bladed ones are known as poultry shears that allow cutting through bones easier.

Caring for your kitchen shears:

  • They may be termed as dishwasher safe, but it is recommended to wash using hands for keeping sharp blade edges.
  • If they have carbon blades then wipe using a cloth that is lightly oiled.
  • If the shears have an adjustable pivot screw then oil it well from time to time.
  • Non-serrated shears can be sharpened using a whetstone. But sharpen only one edge.
  • For blades that have serrated edges, you would need professional help for sharpening. Every serration would need to be sharpened individually with a tool similar to awl. This is a labor-intensive task that should be left to professionals. You can check online for a good professional for this task.