The importance of lactation and food that assists it

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Lactation is the secretion of milk from the mammary glands i.e., the breasts of a female who recently gave birth. Breast milk is super important for a new-born baby for the first 5-6 months of their growth. The milk contains all the crucial nutrients in the right composition which serves in the healthy growth of the babies. It also acts as a natural protection against most kinds of sickness, and allergies. It also safeguards the child from various kinds of infections and diseases like diabetes and even cancer. The milk also contains several antibodies which aid in the protection of the baby’s immune system.

Foods that assist in lactation:

There are several types of food that contain certain supplements which aid in the process of milk production and ensure a healthy supply of breast milk for the baby.

Lactation overnight oats is one of the most efficient food items in helping lactation. They are whole grains and fibre-rich which enhances the production of milk. They contain protein, minerals, and critical vitamins. Being high in calcium, zinc, manganese, and iron, they are an excellent source of soluble fibres. They also contain plant oestrogen which helps the hormones in producing a healthy amount of milk.

Overnight oats are one of the most popular foods among breastfeeding females. It’s a simple recipe that one can bring together in a jiffy and store in the fridge overnight for a healthy breakfast the next morning. One can choose from a huge list of ingredients while making the recipe to their liking.