Short Term Health Insurance Plans

Short Term Health Insurance Plans
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Short Term Health Insurance Plan called UnitedHealth One is available for individuals and families.  This kind of insurance is also known as ‘Term Health Insurance’ or ‘Temporary Health Insurance.’  These insurances are designed to aid you in times of change – to fill the gap between policies.

If you are an individual who loves to research information online before making a purchase, then you will find ample information online.  However, the right short term policy may be found online or offline through an agent.

Life is full of turmoil and it can drastically impact your and your family’s lives.  Hence, you must look into short term insurance coverage. With these insurance, you have the benefit of dropping them without any fees or charges.  You can switch over to another short or long term policies as per your present need.  You also have the option of selecting the duration of your short term policy.  It is usually ranging from thirty days to three hundred and sixty days.  But, it may vary from state to state.

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Why Short Term Insurance

You may opt in for short term insurance, if you fall in one of these categories:

  1. Moving out of parents’ policy
  2. Switching between jobs
  3. Realized you were out of an insurance policy for any reason
  4. College student or fresh graduate
  5. In queue for Medicare
  6. Awaiting benefits from job
  7. Losing coverage due to personal reasons such as a divorce
  8. Under the age of 65 and whole and hearty

Be cautious not to treat these insurance policies as a long term insurance as that may lead you to tax penalty.  These are merely temporary or transition policies in case of gaps between your permanent insurances.

SMH Insurance extends a wide range of insurance policies both long term and short term for individuals of all ages and situations.  They will be glad to provide you quality service to help you compare quotes from various top insurance companies and choose the right one as per your situation and budget.  For more information on individual and group health insurance Virginia contact them today!