Are We Ready For A Free Bitcoin Economy?

Are We Ready For A Free Bitcoin Economy?
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Technology has revolutionized the way we think and it has propelled us into this modern age where anything is possible. The evolution of money from a barter system to paper notes and from paper notes to Cryptocurrencies is mind-boggling. Bitcoins have lately been the talk of the town and has been in the news for many ‘rags to riches’ stories. It is a digital currency having no physical presence and is independent of your country’s central bank. It is stored in a highly secure digital format making it less prone to theft or hacks. The following points check our readiness for free bitcoin.


Well the first question before getting into something is its reliability. Bitcoins are as reliable as the money held in your bank account. One must always remember that free bitcoin can be traded internationally and many websites as well as e-commerce sectors have started accepting this Cryptocurrency.

Is there growth?

It has been observed from the market trends of the past few years that these currencies have shown a humungous gain in their value. Please remember that price fluctuations will always be a part of any currency but since they are a form of internationally accepted currency they are less prone to any form of negative growth.

Other Competitors

The popularity of Bitcoin keeps them ahead of their competitors like Ethereum, Litecoin, Peercoin, etc. The purchases of bitcoincan be made via many websites. Some websites provide interconversion of the currencies as well.

Bitcoin undoubtedly is the future of all digital transactions. The fund transfer between two parties is highly secure and does not involve any mediator like a bank or any other such financial institution. This causes a huge reduction in the charges which you normally pay to your bank. Hence we must all prep upas the age of digital currencies is right across the corner.