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Learning disabilityis something not every difficult to understand but it just required extra care and special attention to the kids. Learning disability is said when a kid cannot cope up with other kids of his age or shows symptoms been abnormal. This children experiences difficulty in LSRWG which means learning,speaking,reading,writing, grammar .These children require experiences learning disabilities singapore professionals to teach and make them understand in better way than the normal kids by using regular academic techniques.


Government in Singapore has many schools and techniques to follow and tech such kids. To help out the parents who are worried about their career and future. Government has provided the required equipment, experienced staff, assist and nurture kids suffering from learning disorders.

There will special schools for such learning disable kids where all together can learn and feel equal whereas, in normal school there might be a chance of getting bullying or teased or harmed by other kids.

Special schoolsalso focuses on all aspects of education for over all development of kids;

  • Providing basic knowledge to the kid in children employment, morals and ethics, educational theory.
  • Basic skill development, cognitive development. finding out their strengths and weakness
  • Developing competency games and extra circular activities.
  • Planning and evaluating where they can analysis the kids growth.
  • To understand kids intellectual, sensory and motor, behavioral changes.
  • They require acquire teaching technique and curriculum development to acquire literary and numeracy competence.

Little attention and care with patience kids can grown into responsible individuals.