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International School
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One of the largest private schools in Singapore that offers a huge curriculum perspective in Singapore British International School. The aim of the school initiates the study of various disciplines along with preparations for various exams like gce a level and even IGCSE. A few facts about the school happen to be the following:

  • There are lots of subjects taught both on the primary level as well as on the secondary level. Even English is compulsory and must be learned by all.
  • Students can study the curriculum and must pay attention to all the attributes that are being taught to them. Each student in the higher classes can successfully take up subjects like medicine or even engineering.International School
  • In the lower level, students can take admission from class 4. The subjects that are taught and the preparations that are initiated help the students in getting admission in the topmost institutions in the UK as well as in Singapore.
  • Singapore British International School enhances the atmosphere of studying in the school. Because of the level of academic solutions, the main aim has been to look after the needs of the students in the best manner possible.

Help the school in their efforts!

This school is equipped with all the amenities that help all to grow and learn. Thus, each student approach is carefully recorded in order to establish a nourishing atmosphere. Being able to teach student moral values has always been the sole priority of the school.