House, condo or apartment: how to choose?

advantages of an apartment
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The increase in the cost of living can put several projects into perspective, and particularly with regard to our future housing. If your budget or situation does not allow you to become a homeowner, choosing the type of housing to rent remains an important issue. Is it wiser to rent a house, condominium or apartment? We make the point in this chapter. Consider gulf shores condos before buying anything else.

The advantages of a house

The house remains the most suitable place to raise a family, being often more spacious and intimate than other types of housing.

The houses usually include a garden, an outdoor storage and a parking space, which can be very convenient according to your needs.

Animals are generally accepted.

The disadvantages of a house

Most affordable homes are in the suburbs. This implies some adaptation if you have to go to town daily.

Although justified by the space and other benefits mentioned above, the rental cost generally remains higher than that of an apartment.

Condominium buildings

The benefits of a condominium

The condo is generally characterized by a modern construction (open spaces, high ceilings, modern furniture, good soundproofing, etc.).

The condo allows you to live in a community environment without making concessions on your privacy.

Condominium buildings generally have interesting common services (swimming pool, gym, terraces, housekeeping, etc.). Contact us for gulf shores condos.

The disadvantages of a condominium

The proximity of other occupants and common areas can be boring for some.

This interesting and comfortable compromise between house and apartment has a price.

The advantages of an apartment

This is usually the most affordable alternative in the short and medium term.

This is the most flexible option for any particular or temporary situation (studies, remote work, etc.).

Spaces are often small and juxtaposed to each other, your electricity bill will usually be lower.

The disadvantages of an apartment

The feeling of being close to other residents is generally stronger.

Your freedoms are often reduced. It is the owner of the premises who dictates the rules of living of the house.

The amenities (garage, parking, basement, garden, etc.) are very rare.

The choice of home will vary according to your financial situation, your criteria and your needs in the short, medium and long-term. Thus, you may opt for an apartment before you start renting your first home. Be that as it may, it’s good to take adequate time for reflection and seek outside advice before making a decision, whether from real estate brokers or bloggers who share their experience with you.