steps to buy a good used car

used cars
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Buying used cars can have advantages and disadvantages, although there are times when they are more convenient than going for a last model and this is due to several factors, from the economic, to the taste and needs.

Take into account that there are situations such as depreciation, which seriously suffer new cars, but in the used is much more gradual, so you could buy a very recent car at a convenient price.

It is important to clarify that the tips that we will give you are not steps to follow that adapt to all tastes, as we will usually give you warnings about simple ways to save money and some headaches.

used cars

Do not worry, racing is nothing but fatigue

The idea is to make a good copy and for this, you should check several cars before making a final decision, preferably during the day and not in the dark of the night. It is also necessary to review its mechanical status, structure, electrical network, humidity, corrosion, scratches and other important points, by means of a survey. There are specialized workshops and even insurers that provide this service and that together with their own verification, will give you a much clearer and more precise idea of ​​how the vehicle really is and how long you can enjoy it without the need to invest in repairs and maintenance.

Take into consideration the mileage

So that you have an idea, the normal thing is that a car that stays in a city like Bogotá travels a figure close to 20 thousand kilometers in a year. If the multiplication shows you that the mileage traveled in the life of the vehicle is higher than the average, think twice because when having more use, surely your parts will have a greater wear and you will have to invest more quickly a good money in repairs and spare parts.

Beware of “revivals”

Apex auto While newspaper and Internet classifieds tend to show very good buying options and people who sell cars honestly and in good faith, there is no lack of the unscrupulous character who is waiting for the opportunity to cheat some unsuspecting person. Therefore, it is preferable that the purchase is made in a recognized establishment or in its absence to a trusted person, thus minimizing the risk of being a victim of scams.

Driving test

Do not forget to ask the seller for a “candidate” car test. Let him be the one to lead you during the stretch you consider necessary and then take the wheel. During the test, turn off the radio to listen to the engine and detect possible strange noises and analyze the smoothness of the gearbox, the precision of the steering, the clutch status, the smoke expelled by the exosto, possible leaks and of course, the ride of the vehicle along various types of terrain, especially, in ascents and streets uncovered where the power and condition of the suspension can be evidenced.