Monthly Maintenance Schedule for Your Car

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Your car is one of your most expensive possessions next to your house. It is for this reason that it needs maintenance. Besides gasoline and the occasional air freshener, the car requires attention from a mechanic or yourself. Car maintenance is important because it will not only prolong its life but also enhance driving performance.

If you decide to buy a new one through cars for sale in chicago, regular maintenance means increasing the previous car’s resale value. Although modern cars are equipped with electronic monitoring, it is still recommended to check tire pressure every day. If you are serious about maintenance schedule, here’s an example of a month-by-month maintenance schedule or requirements:
January – February
In the cold winter, you need to ensure that your car has a functional heating system. Finally, you have to prevent fuel-line freezing by keeping your tank at least half full during the winter.
As the winter season wraps up, the interior of your car should be given attention. You need to vacuum the seats and floors to remove the dirt. If there are stubborn stains, work it out using upholstery cleaner. Moreover, lubricate the door hinges. Additionally, it is recommended that you change the oil. Changing oil should happen every 3 months or every 3,000 miles. After the oil change, new oil filter should follow.

cars for sale in chicagoApril
It is time to pay attention to your paint finish. For this, you need to wax your car with a terry cloth. Waxing will prolong the shine of the car’s paint and provide protection from environmental factors.

You should check your ventilation systems and make sure that it is equipped with pollen filters. It is time to change the filter.

June – August
You need a rotation of tires to balance the tread wear along the four wheels. Since it is the hot season, check your coolant level when the engine is cold and keep an eye for leaks. Finally, check the battery connection. Do not forget to lubricate the chassis parts from steering to suspension.

It is the time that you clean and wax your car again. In addition, it is time to change the oil again. While you are at it, perform fluid checks of power steering reservoirs or automatic transmission.

During this month, you should look for a winter windshield washer fluid. This is usually blue in color. It fluid has de-icing properties, which can operate in cooler temperatures.

You should think about installing winter tires instead of the all-season tires. Winter tires have excellent traction, especially on snow-covered roads.

If you are worried about visibility, you should consider winter windshield wipers. These wipers are designed to prevent clogging. With this, it can lift the heavy snow allowing you to see your way out of winter. In addition, you should also change the oil filter including the motor oil.

It is recommended that you choose a grade for the climate conditions in your place. Do not forget to inspect the rubber hose as well as the drive belt. Finally, wheel alignment should be conducted.