Maintenance tips for your car

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Maintenance of the car is as important as buying the car. Without maintenance or regular Car service in fontana, your car is likely to breakdown quickly and would soon become unusable. However, you can do certain things on your part to maintain your car.

Check your tire pressures and rotate your tires

One of the most important parts of the car is the tires. They are the ones which provide the grip while accelerating or braking. A good gripping tire can save you from various accidents. Tires which are inflated with incorrect pressure are likely to wear out quickly and affecting the economy of fuel and also decreasing the handling of the vehicle. You can find out the correct tire pressure of your car in the manual and also on the sticker which is pasted on the rear of the door frame of the driver side.

The pressure which is listed is generally the cold pressure so you need to make changes to the tire pressure if you are going for an extensive drive. The friction which is caused due to the contact of the tire and the road increases the pressure of the tire which can resultina false reading. When your tires are rotated, they are ensured to be worn out evenly.

used cars in fontana

Checking your air filter regularly

This is important if you are having a comparatively older car and living in ahighlyairborne contaminated area. For the efficient running of the engine, a sufficient amount of clean is required. The air which is to be used by the engine needs to pass through the air filter f the engine. If your air filter is clean, it would result in easy breathing of the engine and thus, it will perform better.

Checking your fluid level

There isa different fluid whichis actually responsible for the operation of the car. It is important to keep the fluids upto the required level. The fluid level of the coolant, brake and the power steering can be checked by inspecting the reservoirs visually and add the fluid if required. You do not need to test the quality of the coolant even if it is in a good condition. You can check the transmission fluid by inserting a short dipstick inside the bay of the engine. The dipstick handle is generally red or black in color.


These things are very small and easy to perform. You can easily keep your car well maintained by using these tips.