Car Buying Time: How to Take Advantage of a Used Car Auction

used cars in riverside
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Used car auctions can give you many opportunities to buy a good car without spending too much money. However, it is very important to prepare before participating in the auction in order to get a good deal and not lose your money in a badly prepared car. It is important that you know how to use a used car auction to get the most out of your car.

Here are some important tips for more reasonable costs for a used car auction.

used cars in riverside

Before going to a used car auction, you must be sure of what type of auction you are conducting. Usually, car auctions are organized by the police, government or auction lots. Cars sold here may come from an excess of government vehicles, property or seizure. You must understand that you buy cars as they are, and there are no guarantees. It would be very difficult to return the car after purchase and, therefore, when you buy it, you really need to be sure of its quality.

Check the calendar of used car auctions. A good auction should have a preliminary verification period, and you should definitely go there to make sure the auction is worth it. Although you may not be able to test the cars during the inspection, you can definitely see every corner and crack of the car, and it is better to take this opportunity. Remember 3 or more of the car you would consider so that you only have the right amount of options to bid at used cars riverside ca auction.

When you go to a used car auction, bring a long car guide, such as Kelly’s Blue Book, so you can search for cars at your fingertips. Such publications are useful for determining the value of many car models during an exchange, which can help you determine if you are making a good bet or not. Consider all bidding costs: you must pay the buyer’s premium (5 to 10 percent of the offer) or the registration fee for the auction.

Have a work budget when you buy a car at a used car auction. By setting a limit for your budget, you cannot bet more than you can afford. Some people tend to overestimate their pride to win a bet, even if the car is not really that expensive.


Car auctions are a great place to search for cars if you have a limited budget. But before entering one of them, it is important to know how to use a used car auction to make sure you will not lose your money or the ability to drive a decent vehicle.