2018 Dodge Durango Review

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Dodge is the most popular brand among the tough people with tough needs. Dodge Durango is the ultimate 3 row SUV that is going to take your breath away.  It is going to be a performance powerhouse and comes from the brand’s most powerful SRT vehicles. Durango SRT is the fastest, most powerful and absolutely the most capable American’s SUV launched soon this year in late summer.  It is a pure muscle car with 6.4L HEMI V8 engine and its capabilities do not just ends here.

If you love adventure on monstrous vehicle, then Dodge Durango is what you need with some serious masculine power.  The HEMI V8 engine gives the 475 powerhouses and 470 pound of torque.  The towing capacity of the SUV is another factor that is going to impress you which is 8, 6000. The SUV is having the best features in its class.

There are 7 drive modes and perfectly fits in handling some real adventure. Smooth roads or tough terrains this SUV is going to push your adventure to the next level. Available in 7 exterior colors will make your choice easily available. The SUV is having a strong body, which reflects in its aggressive style.  It is also fitted with the signature cold intake and SRT hood making its back up looks more attractive.  The inside store of the SUV is more interesting.  To match the aggressive style the interiors are of high performance with SRT steering wheel, Laguna leather seats for top notch comfort.

2018 Dodge Durango is designed for the thrill seekers and it is going to make every journey a memorable one. Riding in dodge Durango is definitely going to turn many heads because all its models have best to offer.  Not only the comfort and style, but it also offers loads of safety features.  There are rear cross traffic alerts, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise, emergency brake and lane keep assist like features incorporated for the safety breathing.  Those who need a long haul powerful investment for their family will find dodge Durango best in the class as well as performance.